Steel / Aluminium Repairs

INTECO Management provides a wide variety of steel work specialized with working on the thin steel with minimum distortions. Our team of highly qualified welders and fabricators carry out all types of steel works and welding works such as SMAW, TIG, MIG and SAW.

    Services offered :

  • renewal of steel in cargo tanks , holds, ballast tanks , decks and engine room
  • renewal and repairs – testing of pipeline systems in engine room , main deck and cargo tanks
  • repairs of hydraulic systems of hatch covers and cargo valves
  • renewal of anodes in tanks
  • repairs of pressure vessels
  • welding of boiler tubes and plates
  • prefabrication and welding of structures & shell plating
  • prefabrication and welding of gangways
  • helifusion welding
  • supply and fitting of steel and aluminium fabrications.

Our teams continuosly operate in machine shops with all kinds of machines such as lathe, milling machines, shaping machines, radial drilling machines, power hacksaw, bench drilling machines, surface grinding machines, etc.


Inteco has well qualified welders for all kinds of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. In addition, we have qualified welders for the non-ferrous materials. We undertake all kinds of marine piping jobs such as sea water piping, fire lines, bilge line, CHT piping, fresh water lines, cooling lines, high temperature engine exhaust line with special steel, and propeller repair jobs.

    Services offered :

  • Pipe-work of all sizes in copper, galvanised and black steel.
  • Pipe materials utilising welded bends, machine formed, and hot and cold bends.
  • Welders approved to Classification Society requirements.
  • Sheet-metal work using galvanised or aluminium materials.
  • Re-tubing and boiler refractory repairs.
  • Insulation of pipes with preformed slabs and cloth, sheet metal cladding.
  • Electric Tig and Mig Welding facilities.
  • Stinless steel piping

Electrical Works

INTECO Management provides all electrical services including wiring and air conditioning. Our electrical procedures are based upon ISO 9001-2008 and IICL standards. All of INTECO’s laborers and technicians are qualified for their given tasks. We handle and undertake different kinds of electrical works such as motor rewinding, alternators overhauling, rewiring jobs in the ship, air conditioning systems, etc.

  • General repair and installation work.
  • Rewinding of electric motors and generators.
  • Repair of Air Conditioning Units.
  • Fault finding and electrical system testing.
  • Cleaning/overhaul of starters and switchboards.

Mechanical Works

INTECO Management undertakes all kinds of marine engines, generators, gearbox, sea valves, pumps, propellers, repellers, pumps as well as all kinds of marine equipments for repair and overhauling.

  • Protective Coating on Internal and External Surfaces
  • Manufacture of Spare Parts (Pump and Non-Pump Related)
  • Inspection and Overhauling of Industrial Gear Boxes
  • Carry Out Repairs and Rewinding Works of AC/DC Motors
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) for the Manufacture of Spare Parts

Scrubber System Installations

INTECO Management Co Bahrain provides Scrubber Systems installations including the systems’ manufacturing . INTECO Management Co Bahrain is providing such services with our Korean exclusive partners-manufacturers in Bahrain and within GCC countries .

    Services offered :
  • Full turnkey provider(Scrubber system, engineering, installation, commissioning and seatrial by MS-SOx)
  • No dry dock required. Retrofit can be done at wharf(quay)
  • Max 2weeks retrofit time. / Movie :
  • Parts readiness including Class plan approval done within 4months from order date as standard. * Best time was 2.5months from order date
  • No massive hull conversion

BWTS solutions

INTECO Management offers a complete BWTS solution. The key for handling the retrofit of BWTS is to know the mandatory\compulsory BWMS requirements and in this respect - save both time and costs.

INTECO Management can take care of the complete retrofit process, including:

  • Engineering and documentation
  • Pre-fabrication
  • Delivery of equipment, material and manpower including supervisor
  • Commissioning including training
  • Class approval

The installation/ service can be carried out during the voyage, in the port, at the shipyard or at anchorage.


INTECO Management offers a wide range of services directed to industrial business. We are specialised in constructing complex scaffolding structures. Inteco provides not only implements scaffolding constructions around chimneys, tanks, ships, trestles but also performs all works related with their roofing and tarpaulins covering.

Ship Inspections

We offer services to inspect vessels for:Pre-docking ship inspection; Vessel general inspection; Hull and Machinery Damage inspections. The exact scope of an inspection can be customized to suit individual needs of ship owner.The suvery reports are provided with overview of materials,spare parts and manpower requirements