Steel /Aluminium Repairs

INTECO Management provides a wide variety of steel work specialized with working on the thin steel with minimum distortions. Our team of highly qualified welders and fabricators carry out all types of steel works and welding works such as SMAW, TIG, MIG and SAW.

    Services offered :

  • renewal of steel in cargo tanks , holds, ballast tanks , decks and engine room
  • renewal and repairs – testing of pipeline systems in engine room , main deck and cargo tanks
  • repairs of hydraulic systems of hatch covers and cargo valves
  • renewal of anodes in tanks
  • repairs of pressure vessels
  • welding of boiler tubes and plates
  • prefabrication and welding of structures & shell plating
  • prefabrication and welding of gangways
  • helifusion welding
  • supply and fitting of steel and aluminium fabrications.

Our teams continuosly operate in machine shops with all kinds of machines such as lathe, milling machines, shaping machines, radial drilling machines, power hacksaw, bench drilling machines, surface grinding machines, etc.